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Surgical & Diagnostic Facilities

Here at Kingsway Veterinary Clinic we have an extensive range of diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities.

All routine operations and investigations are carried out during the week, and will usually require your pet to stay with us for the day.


We have a fully equipped operating theatre and are able to perform routine operations (inc. neutering), some orthopaedic surgery and emergency surgery. Anaesthetics are continually monitored throughout the procedure by a trained veterinary nurse.


Our diagnostic imaging includes xray, ultrasound and endoscopy.

Laboratory Testing

We have access to in-house blood machines and have a microscope, which we use to look at samples to help aid with diagnosis.  We also use an external lab for blood tests and more comprehensive sample analysis.


Sometimes we will recommend that your pet stays with us for treatment or observations.  We have a range of kennel sizes and our nurses do everything possible to ensure that they have a comfortable time with us.

Monitoring & Screening

Other services include ECG (available via our other practice) and blood pressure monitoring.  These can be done for diagnostic work, for screening for conditions and for monitoring ongoing cases.

Dental Treatments

We are also able to provide a range of dental care, from a scale and polish to multiple extractions.